Don't get banned! Stay safe with a few rules and policies:


The following is inappropriate:

The following is unhelpful:

  • Incomplete
  • Title-only
  • Open question (for pages, edits, and answers)
  • Non-existent
  • Repeated / Already Asked

You may:

  • Create an answer for a question
  • Explain an incomplete answer
  • Edit an incomplete / inappropriate or deprecated page
  • Ask for help
  • Create a PixelJump-related page
  • Showcase mods
  • Discuss game strategies
  • Talk about easter eggs / game theories

Don't get banned

If you create 5 inappropriate pages, you will get banned for 3 weeks.

If you vandalise 5 edits, you will get banned for 1 month.

If you create 5 unhelpful pages, you will get banned for 24 hours.

If you create 5 inappropriate or unhelpful blog posts, you will get banned for 5 days.

If you create 5 inappropriate or unhelpful comments, you will get banned for 2 days.

If you create an inappropriate message on someone's user wall three times, you will get banned for 1 week.

The same applies for encouraging someone else to do these things.

Every time you break these rules, you will be notified by me, an admin, or a mod.


If you create 10 helpful blog posts, 100 edits, 10 helpful comments, 5 helpful pages, reports 10 people, and have a record of not breaking the rules for 6 months, you may get promoted to moderator. If you break the rules twice (intentionally), though, then your status will be removed.


If someone is doing anything to break the rules, report it to me! If someone has already reported it in the past 24 hours, though, please don't reply! Apologising is allowed, providing you do not break the same rule again purposefully.

If there is anything I may have missed, please ask in the comments below. If you don't understand something, please also ask me.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day! :)

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