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  • I am Attack helicopter
  • MakitoMizushima

    Dear everyone,

    I encourage you to bring other friends on this wiki so I can appoint someone as bureaucrat. I make the game, so I feel that I'm giving away too many hints when I create a page! Please keep editing! Thanks.

    EDIT as of March 10: I will keep creating and editing pages when I can. But I will not disclose hints.

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  • MakitoMizushima

    Please ask here if you have any, not on my user wall. Thank you! :)

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  • MakitoMizushima

    Don't get banned! Stay safe with a few rules and policies:

    The following is inappropriate:

    • Using cuss words
    • Insulting
    • Hate
    • Off-topic
    • Spam (with the exception of mod showcases)
    • Malware / Pirated versions of PixelJump (excluding mods)
    • Gibberish ("shsdnfjweureiwubwbnx")
    • Feature request (with this exception:
    • Anything else a decent person wouldn't do

    The following is unhelpful:

    • Incomplete
    • Title-only
    • Open question (for pages, edits, and answers)
    • Non-existent
    • Repeated / Already Asked

    You may:

    • Create an answer for a question
    • Explain an incomplete answer
    • Edit an incomplete / inappropriate or deprecated page
    • Ask for help
    • Create a PixelJump-related page
    • Showcase mods
    • Discuss game st…

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